I made a little demo that shows what John described (using OTPs in password
backed cards):

You can get a managed “OTPCard” there. Every time you want to use the card
(or preview its claim values), you have to go back to the above site and
request an OTP.
I tested it with Cardspace, Azigo and the Higgins iPhone Selector. Not
really sure what the demo proves, but I thought it would be an interesting
exercise to try and implement this with existing technology.

- Information Cards and OTP - ICF All Members | Google グループ

infocard demo security


Program and Proceedings - 8th Symposium on Identity and Trust on the Internet (IDtrust 2009)

Paul Trevithick, Higgins Project (Slides: pdf )
Ken Klingenstein, Internet2 (Slides: ppt )
Dan Blum, Burton Group (Presentation slides: ppt )
FileSpace - An Alternative to CardSpace that supports Multiple Token Authorisation and Portability Between Devices (Presentation slides: ppt ) David Chadwick, University of Kent

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