"OnStar is opening its API to select devs to create new apps utilizing the system’s Advanced Telematics Operating System (ATOM).

To be clear, OnStar’s API is still closed, but GM’s telematics service will accept applications from developers and based on what they submit, will then grant them access to OnStar’s 1s and 0s.

So what can we expect to see? Not much until OnStar opens the doors in the first half of this year. But it has announced a partnership with RelayRides, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service that lets owners of OnStar-equipped vehicles to rent out their rides when they’re not being used. By using the OnStar API, RelayRides will be able to approve a vehicle for use and then using an iPhone or Android app, the renter can unlock the doors to a vehicle that’s been reserved in advance."
- OnStar opens doors to devs, kicks off with peer-to-peer car-sharing

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I made a little demo that shows what John described (using OTPs in password
backed cards):

You can get a managed “OTPCard” there. Every time you want to use the card
(or preview its claim values), you have to go back to the above site and
request an OTP.
I tested it with Cardspace, Azigo and the Higgins iPhone Selector. Not
really sure what the demo proves, but I thought it would be an interesting
exercise to try and implement this with existing technology.

- Information Cards and OTP - ICF All Members | Google グループ

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